Monday, June 18, 2007

Waving the Banner for Arts & Crafts

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While in Berkeley I was lucky to have been able to work with Arts and Crafts Movement period textile artist Dianne Ayres. This is a banner that graces the foyer of her workship studio, utilizing stenciling and emboidery on linen.

Dianne took me on an amazing tour of private homes decorated in the American Arts and Crafts style. She states on her website, "An Arts & Crafts style home is distinguished as much by its friendly comfortable atmosphere as it is by its architecture, furniture and other objects. Gustav Stickley likened the desired effect to the experience of nature: "...plan and arrange the room that the sense of space and freedom is always felt, and so to preserve the relation between the natural background of the walls and floor and the more prominent furnishings in the room that each part is given its own value and falls into its own place as naturally and inevitably as the trees, hills, valleys and brooks combine in the harmonious relationship that makes a beautiful landscape."


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