Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Rachel Beth Egenhoefer

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Rachel Beth Egenfoefer brought an array of projects considering the relationship between the body and technology, including a knitted laptop cozy with connected wrist mits.

In a 2005 artist statement, Rachel states:
"Textiles share obvious historical connections to technology, its object oriented process serving as the blueprint for the immaterial processing of computing. They also share a constructional make-up that interests me more. Knitting together codes of base-two patterns- knits and purls, zeros and ones. Cloth provides the comfort and security of an object. It is tangible code we can see and understand, while giving us the same comfort as our own clothing accessorizing out bodies.

Tying together the processes and objects of my work is the circular looped motion that constructs our actions, desires, and movements. The cycles of analog to digital information pulsating up and down a wave of electricity. The obvious cycles of the body’s hunger and fulfillment intertwined with cycles of digestion. The motion of two hands knitting a string of yarn into cloth. The motion of our bodies interacting with machines, tensing and relaxing as we negotiate in the space between. Digital information plots points for electricity to flow through. Textile patterns plot the construction of cloth. While plotting points, like the grid, order is pure relationship, a relationship of a spinning Ferris wheel."

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