Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Eat & Work Together

Eat & Work Together
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Prue Cooper offered to let me make a charger in her studio. The process involved rolling out a slab of clay, pressing it into a mold, trimming the edge, extruding a strip of clay for the rim, pressing it with my pinky finger to make the "pie crust," then painting on several layers of black liquid slip.

We talked for awhile about what to write on the border, and finally decided on a phrase that originates from Gerard Wynstanley's quote "Eat together, work together, and make the earth a common treasury."

So Winstanley was an important figure in an early 1640s movement of landless peasants to squat on waste and common lands and cultivate them collectively. He established a colony on St. Georges Hill to take symbolic ownership of the unused lands there and came under a great deal of attack.


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